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Wilton Newcomers Club
Wilton, Connecticut (Inc. 1802)


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Please check calendar tab for confirmed dates and details on these events.
July January
7- Morning Coffee 1- FamilyEvent- New Year's Day Family brunch
16- LNO- Cooking Night 5- Morning Coffee
21- Board Meeting 12- Board Meeting
TBD- FamilyEvent- Wilton Fire Dept tour ? 23- Couples Game Night/ Destination Dinner
28- LNO- Cardio Tennis
TBD- LNO- Pilates?
August February
5- Morning Coffee 4- Morning Coffee
11- Board Meeting 9- Board Meeting
13- Ladies Bunco 12- FamilyEvent- Tumble Jungle (or 2/19)
29- Social- Backyard Bash 20- FamilyEvent- Couple's Paddle
31- Boo Hoo/ Woo Hoo Brunch (instead of MC) 25- Ladies Bunco
TBD- Happy Hands pottery ?
September March
12- FamilyEvent- Ice Cream social 6- FamilyEvent- Ice Skating, Ridgefield Winter Garden
15- Board Meeting 15- Board Meeting
17- LNO- Classy Nails(?), Bianco Rosso 17- St. Patrick's Morning Coffee
26- Couples Destination Dinner TBD- Fundraiser- Joy Ride ?
TBD- FamilyEvent- Sparkalicious Girls Event?
TBD-FamilyEvent- Boys Event?
October April
5- Morning Coffee 4- Morning Coffee
8- LNO- Salt Cave & SucreSale, Ridgefield 19- Board Meeting
20- Board Meeting 21- Ladies Bunco
24- Social- Adult Halloween Party 29- MNO- Men's Game Night
25- FamilyEvent- Halloween Craft, Merwin
TBD- MNO- Men's Golf Outing ?
November May
3- FamilyEvent- Westport Nature Center (election day) 5- LNO- Cinco de Mayo, Cactus Rose
8- Volunteer Fair 10- Morning Coffee
12- Morning Coffee 17- Board meeting
17- Board meeting 21- Social- Couples Wine Tasting
19- Ladies Bunco
December June
5- Social- Holiday Barn Party, Ambler Farm 1- Morning Coffee
7- Morning Coffee TBD- Spring Social, Rolling Hills CC
8- Board Meeting TBD- Playground Playdate
13- Family Event- Gingerbread Decorating, Create TBD- Board transition meeting
17- LNO- Champagne truffles & yoga, CaféRuche